Peach Blueberry Pie + Naturally Sweet Cookbook Giveaway!

peach blueberry pie

I am the kind of baker who goes with real butter, full fat milk and heavy cream because I truly believe that full fat dairy makes the best desserts. Being said that, I never go crazy with sugar. I love my desserts with the right amount of sweetness. And I do always try to adjust the amount of sugar in my baked goods. Except it doesn’t work all the time. For example,¬†buttercream frosting can be notoriously sweet thanks to the crazy amount of powdered sugar. Cutting down the sugar will only compromise the buttercream flavour and all you can taste is butter in your frosting!

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Creme Brulee Crepe Cake

Creme brulee crepe cake

My husband loves creme brulee. So when it comes to his birthday, the thought of making him a creme brulee dessert will come to my mind very naturally. Except I have never made him one! Well, birthday is about cakes. We could do creme brulee some other time. And I decided to go with a creme brulee crepe cake for his birthday this year.

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Espresso Chocolate Ganache Cake

espresso cake

We had an amazing summer! A lot of good memories to tag along when we were getting ready for the new school year. So here we are. All getting back to school and work. Well, I know, it sucks! But when you realize that your kids are staying up late for too many nights, watching too much television, making too much trouble, being too annoying to their parents, it’s time to look forward to school.

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Matcha Mousse Chocolate Sponge Cake

Matcha Mousse Chocolate sponge CakeOne of the most pleasing dessert flavor combinations is chocolate and green tea, I would say. Green tea is very lovable, and chocolate, oh who doesn’t like chocolate?! Wait, my 7-year-old son! He is the only kid I’ve ever come across who doesn’t like chocolate, in any forms. Candies, cupcakes, cake pops, ice cream… NO! NO CHOCOLATE! Except my lava cake, the one and only chocolate related food that he will eat. And of course no green tea. He hates it!

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