Oh Sweet Day!

Thank you for that one


Dear Ethan,

This morning you woke up at 6am. After feeding you, I put you to my bed with me because if I didn’t get to sleep for another 15 or 30 minutes, you’d be on your own feeding yourself and changing your diapers for the whole day.

09202009 -Thank you for that one

You were playing with yourself by pulling my hair and crawling all over my body while I had my eyes closed trying to do “awake sleep”. Then you suddenly stopped. I felt your face very close to mine, and YOU PRESSED YOUR LIPS ONTO MY LIPS! Oh, Ethan, that’s the moment! That’s the moment so intimate that it could cease wars! I opened my eyes right away, though you drooled all over my face, I let you shove your mouth onto it as long as you wanted.

I know there aren’t too many moments like that in life. Thank you for that one.


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