Oh Sweet Day!

Me the unpaid butler


Dear Ethan,

Recently you love to express your interest about food. Did I ever anticipate this two years ago when you were convinced that any food you swallowed would burn your organs in your body that you REFUSED to eat for three days straight? I didn’t pick up those years of my life that I lost over your eating disorder until recently.

Last week, you were eating Mac ‘n’ Cheese, one of your ultimate favorites. Normally you would finish your bowl before I finish scooping one for myself. Ten seconds. Gobble that big bowl of smoking hot cheesy pasta while reminding me “Mac ‘n’ Cheese is my favorite, you know? And pizza. And sausage. And play Lego. But why Maya always keeps breaking it……” Yes. Easily distracted yourself by yourself. I don’t know how you do that.

Me: So which one is your favorite? Mac ‘n’ Cheese or mommy?

You: Mac ‘n’ Cheese AND MOMMY!!!!!!!

Me: Pick one only, Ethan!

You: MOMMY!!!!!!

The silly me started to fly up to the ceiling before I asked you why, and you said, “Because mommy can make Mac ‘n’ Cheese. But Mac ‘n’ Cheese cannot make mommy.”

Nice try to be diplomatic, kid. But you have to learn to differentiate your mother from a butler. Unpaid one.


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