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12 Crowd Pleasing Thanksgiving Desserts


On Thanksgiving, it’s almost 100% positive that no one is too full for dessert. I know that you’ve already eaten so many chunks of turkey, drunk up a gallon of gravy, stuffed in bowls of stuffing and brussel sprouts. But again, dessert is always the best part that you won’t pass.

Like a second meal of the night, your guests are always ready to be wowed with a sweet treat that can really stimulate their taste buds as well as their eyes.

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Here is a selection of 12 desserts from Oh Sweet Day! that I am sure will impress your guests. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Thanks, Damaris! :)

  2. That mini chocolate ganache cake looks awesome!

  3. You are welcome, Jane! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Only looking at all these wonderful treats has already made my day, not to mention to actually eat them. Thanks for the ideas. They are fantastic!

  5. Shelly, this is actually a sponsored post. Our thanksgiving was a month ago. But yours is around the corner. Happy Thanksgiving in advance!

  6. Terrific post, so many luscious items to choose from. Fanny great idea to do these, such “eye candy” but the tummy wants them too! :) xo

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