Oh Sweet Day!

To Maya – Zombie Butterfly


Dear Maya,

You and your brother have started to favorite a new game that you call Zombie. It involves your father being a zombie who stumbles to chase after you both in the house. You love this game so much that the house is always full of irregular intervals of moans.

Recently the game has changed a little bit – YOU WANT TO BE A ZOMBIE. When the game is on, you will walk in your usual drunken fashion, one of your shoulders dislocated, your head sits crooked on one side. You roll your eyes so hard that they almost go into the back of your head.

Except your interpretation of a zombie is also a creature with wings and antennas. Your cousin Pheona bought this princess set for you for Halloween. And I think you were mistaken that this is part of zombie’s gears, and you like to call yourself a zombie butterfly.

Well, we are still hoping that we can capture the “zombie butterfly” of you. But it’s nice to see the only butterfly of you. Note the 00:08 mark where you are about to bump into the wall. That is your usual drunken walk.


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  1. Thanks, Fiona. You are SO right!

  2. Awwwww, Maya’s is so adorable, Fanny! I guess it’s nice to see her being girly for a while instead of playing cars all the time. LOL! But I would love to see her being a zombie butterfuly too.

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