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16 Home-Cooked Better Than Dine-Out Recipes


Is 2014 the year to make a resolution to cook more at home? It always is. Last year, this year, next year, the year after next year…because home-made food is the best.

We don’t eat out as often as before. One of the reasons is it’s hard to enjoy the meal when kids are around. We only do it for special occasions now. Being said that, I still prefer eating at home. Especially after you cook so much that you start to realize how manageable and economical to come up with a dish that you thought you could only have in a restaurant.

I hope you find this selection of 16 home-made dishes inspirational. So next time before you are about to order that pricey molten lava cake in a high-end restaurant, you know you can actually make it by yourself. For only a few bucks.


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  1. Thanks, Daisy. Hope this collection helps! :)

  2. Great collection. Actually eating out less is one of our family’s resolutions of 2014!

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