Oh Sweet Day!

How we all became mothers…torturees


Dear Ethan and Maya,

Let’s meet my friends from Hong Kong, AK and Josephine. We are pretty much on the same path learning our roles as mothers. And we couldn’t stop talking about how much we are being tortured on a daily basis.

03172014 - How we came mothers

And that’s our lives. Like when you are at home fighting for the 600th time for the day, and I am about to call your father and warn him that if he comes home seeing me clawing off my face THAT’S WHY. And then I will make a silent promise to learn how to say THAT’s OKAY and YOU ARE THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE much more often.



  1. True, Josephine.

  2. And we are also survivors ! :D cheers
    Thanks for the post.

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