Oh Sweet Day!

Me and your grandmother 2014


Dear Ethan and Maya,


I didn’t realize I look like your grandma this much until I saw this picture. And one day if either one of you and me get on a fight, and at one point you yell, “Why are you so stubborn, mom?!” I guess I will show you this picture, and direct you to call and thank her for her gene.

It’s been two weeks since we came back visiting her in Hong Kong, and I have still been waking up in the middle of the night missing her. Damn it. It’s really tough.



  1. Thanks for dropping by, Shelly. How’s life? Mine is just okay as you can see. But feeling good now that friends like you are around me.

  2. Such a lovely photo of you & your mom. Lots of wisdom lurking behind her smile. So nice you got visit, but yes it is hard when you leave, almost like when you were a little one. xo :)

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