Oh Sweet Day!

Hair Detangler


Dear Maya,

I know one day you will tell your friends what you hate about your mom the most – how I love to ruthlessly pull your hair.

I am not going to lie. Yes, I pull your hair. ALL THE TIME. Because you don’t like to have your long hair tied up. Every time when a strand of hair gets caught in your food, I just can’t help but have to clear out that messy hair tangles, and you will be all AHHH! DON”T PULL MY HAIR MOM! We go through this on an hourly basis.

Thanks to one of your loving teachers at preschool who decided to do a French braid for all the girls one afternoon after nap. And you know what, the next morning you asked me to braid your hair. Like to TOUCH YOUR HAIR. Like to do something to it other than LEAVE IT HANGING IN YOUR FACE. And I got to play with it. And you didn’t scream or complain or turn around and punch me in the face.

03242014 - Hair Detangler

From the moment I found out I was giving birth to a girl. THIS. This touching-your-hair-in-the-morning scenario is what came to mind.



  1. Thanks, Miranda. Me too. :)

  2. I love this picture of Maya very much! :)

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