Oh Sweet Day!

Only if it comes in my size


Dear Maya,

You’ve been refusing to put on anything that is not a dress. Every morning I try to make you wear the other non-dress outfits that only fit you this week, but won’t next week because you will grow another foot taller.

Last week I successfully put this jumpsuit on you. In the midst of crying and stumbling around naked, you asked, “Does Queen Elsa really wear this all the time?” I answered, “Yes! That’s how she collects her magic powers before she put one the blue dress.”

07142014 - Only if it comes in my size



  1. Thanks, Jane.

  2. Hahaha, I know, Rosanna!

  3. Thanks, Tessa.

  4. Very pretty!

  5. I would love to wear this too if it came in my size. :)

  6. Oh Maya, you look so cute and chic! Pretty outfit.

  7. Thanks, Evelyn. Got it from Ebay for less than $6! :)

  8. LOVE LOVE this outfit! Too cute!

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