Oh Sweet Day!

I prefer wrestling with you


Dear Maya,

I won’t lie. I’ve never enjoyed cooking with kids. Or you and your brother specifically. I know cooking with kids is supposed to be fun and “relationship building” and blah blah blah and YOU AS A MOM SHOULD TOTALLY DO IT!

But the problem is your lack of ability to listen and follow instructions. And you constantly smell, lick, smear and EAT whatever on the kitchen counter in the process of cooking.

08182014 - I prefer wrestling with you

I think I prefer wrestling with you. Less yelling. Less bloodshed.



  1. LOL, Amiee! I hear you too!

  2. Hi Alexa, I think afterall mothers have all the rights to say what they want to say. :)

  3. I think you are saying something that every mom wants to say but is too afraid to because that would mean that “you are not a loving mom!”

  4. I HEAR YOU, Fanny!!!!! Except I prefer killing myself. :P

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