Oh Sweet Day!



About ohsweetday.com

You may know me from lululuathome.com, a blog that I created in 2007 chronicling my journey to become a cook and a mother after I moved from Hong Kong to Vancouver, BC.

I enjoy the countless unexpected possibilities and sense of fulfillment these jobs have given me. You may think achieving a successful career in the marketing department of a reputable radio station and movie distribution company back in Hong Kong would be fulfilling and inspirational. I made a lot of money, met a handful of celebrities, and attended tons of concerts and parties. I am telling you – the level of frustration, anxiety and madness is not even close to what I am experiencing now. But I love it.

As the blog flourished, by 2013, I was running enough ads on this website that enabled me to leave my bank job. The job that I still have a hard time believing I had for five years. The job that I had never taken seriously. A.BANK.JOB.

And now, how great is it to be able to spend every day interacting with my children between baking and eating desserts. Every day is a Sweet Day. And so, I decided to change the name of this website.

About being a cook

It’s my own curiosity in food that has shaped my cooking. My principle of cooking is simplicity. Even if the result was a masterpiece, I would never be able to follow through with a recipe in which you have to dissect like a frog in your high school biology class. I make things simple enough so that anyone can follow. And I never go crazy with weird ingredients.

Along the road, I realized I have a passion for baking and decorating desserts. Through the process of self-learning and being inspired by brilliant bloggers out there, I’ve become better. Friends and family have always been the greatest supporters. Without them, I would have never determined to start my home-based bakery. It’s in the planning process. No rush. No pressure. Have fun. And see how it turns out.

About being a mother

I live with my caring geeky husband Matthew, my four-year-old son, Ethan and my two-year-old daughter, Maya. The addition of these two little monsters make the noisiest household around the neighborhood. And the chaos in the house is unreal.

Before the kids came along, I had no idea how a tiny creature would turn my life upside down. My privacy is no longer exists, dignity down the drain and I question my intelligence every moment. From never-ending rounds of feeding and diaper changing, to the unresponsive yelling and nagging. My mind would go numb. But what they do to my capacity of love and worry keeps me sane and hungry for more. And it hits me so hard.

The letters I write to my children in this website chronicles the sleepless nights and joyous ride we share. They also unfold the learning process of my being a parent. I will never know if I’ve done a good job. Because no matter how much time, money, hope and love you pour into one little creature, you won’t really know what sort of people you’ve helped to create.

About blogging

Blogging has given me a chance to meet a diverse group of like-minded people. These complete strangers keep coming into my tiny space, showering me with encouragement, compliments and warmth. And that’s how awesome and life-altering the Internet can be. Please keep it going. Follow me or contact me at fanny@ohsweetday.com.