Dried Cranberry Shortbread Cookies

I like giving practical gifts. Meaning something really usable or edible. It could be a little easier for myself as I am a baker. And the fact that everyone loves home-made food really encourages me to bake and pack and give. Most importantly, your gift receiver will never have to throw away or donate your gift right away.

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Simple Shortbread Cookies

simple shortbread cookies

If there is one type of cookies that no one dislikes, I think it should be shortbread. Buttery, crumbly, simple. Almost no reason to not fall in love with shortbread. We always have a jar in our house because it takes no time to make, and the ingredients can’t be more basic: butter, sugar, vanilla and flour.

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Chocolate Hazelnut Shortbread Ice Cream Sandwiches

chocolate hazelnut shortbread

Popicles. Ice cream. Watermelon. Berries. You can’t miss out ice cream sandwich as one of the favourite summer treats. And both kids and adults love it! I remember the first time I brought these to a family dinner, everyone dug into their ice cream sandwich feeling like a kid again. Crispy buttery nutty chocolate hazelnut shortbread cookie meets icy-cold creamy ice cream in this easy-to-make ice cream sandwich. Simply unbeatable!

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