My Beloved Chocolate Chip Cookies

chocolate chip cookies

There is so much debate about what makes the perfect chocolate chip cookie. I spent a lot of time looking for one that could really make me happy. And honestly it’s not easy. I’ve tried so many recipes, used different kinds of chocolate, chilled the dough for different periods of time. Even the New York Times best chocolate chip cookie isn’t my favourite.

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My Perfect Macarons

perfect macarons

I’ve mentioned that I was never a huge fan of macarons. However I’ve been making a lot for my clients lately, and I’ve started to figure out what makes these delicate cookies so special – each bite is a perfect combination of texture and taste. Crispy, chewy and creamy. All come in one bite. Also I’ve come to realize some tricks on how to make perfect macarons. 

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DIY Gingerbread House

Happy Holidays!

I know kids are all done with their gingerbread house decoration. But maybe you could still gather the kids in your family during Christmas to decorate one or two if they are not too busy with the presents. Ha! Ha! I mean, why not? Just something to get them entertained, and the adults can drink and chat.

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