Snowball Cookies

snowball cookies

Make these snowball cookies if you only have 10 minutes to come up with something to bring over to friends for this holiday. I seriously doubt that anyone who would not be addicted to these. Traditionally this is one of the Christmas cookies, but it’s become my all-time favourite.

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Honey Beer Bread

honey beer bread

I am blogging this recipe not because I love beer. Why would you want to taste beer in a slice of bread? If you really love beer, drink it!

But I am telling you that I found this recipe last evening, and I could’t wait and tried it right away. First, it took me only 5 minutes to whip up the batter. Second, the bread is insanely tasty – buttery, honey, malty…..Not any traditional white bread can compare with. TRY THIS!

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Cookie Monster Cake

Last year I made an Elmo cake for Ethan’s second birthday. It seemed pretty logical that this year should be Cookie Monster’s turn. As if the full house of Sesame Street characters and the constantly playing of TV shows are NOT ENOUGH. I don’t know how to explain that except MOTHERS ARE DUMB.

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