Red Bean Chili

red bean chili

As much as I love this dish, I love this picture. It has made me consider to put chili on my regular cooking list now.

My worry of turning chili into a regular beef sauce has gone, because what makes this chili so different is I put cocoa powder, lime juice and most importantly beer. Yes, a whole bottle of good lager which I can’t come up with a substitute.

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Macaroni, Mushroom and Cheese Bake

I would say this macaroni and cheese recipe from Jamie Oliver is one of the swear-to-god-ly easy recipe ever invented. No bechamel sauce is needed. Look at the short and clean ingredients list, you only need that few things to come up with a gigantic, delicious and comforting dish.

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No Knead Bread Rolls

no knead bread rolls

Super buttery, super soft, super easy… Isn’t it good enough for you to start making these bread rolls? And most importantly, no kneading is needed!  And they freeze really well!

We have these no knead bread rolls for breakfast, snack, dinner… Just go crazy with butter when you are having them because that will just make things better and everyone happier!

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